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The North American Electric Reliability Corp., a not-for-profit authority, regulates reliability and security standards for the bulk power system in the continental U.S., Canada, and the northern portion of Baja California, Mexico. NERC is subject to oversight by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and governmental authorities in Canada
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NERC: ITCS to Become ‘Road map’ for Grid Studies
NERC staff say the Interregional Transfer Capability Study will lay "important groundwork" for future reliability assessments.
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NERC Committee Seeks Focus in Busy Standards Projects
NERC's Standards Committee worked to keep order in a packed slate of standards development projects this week.
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NERC Targets IBR Modeling Concerns in Level 2 Alert
NERC is requesting a range of information on inverter-based resource modeling because of a series of grid disturbances in recent years.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Forward on IBR Projects
Inverter-based resources took the focus at the monthly meeting of NERC's Standards Committee.
NERC Summer Assessment Sees Some Risk in Extreme Heat Waves
NERC’s 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment found that every region has met its reserve margin targets but that many areas would face difficult operations in lengthy, widespread heat waves.
Christie, Clements Praise NERC’s Honesty at Board Meeting
FERC commissioners urged NERC to continue its outreach efforts at a meeting that also saw the ERO's Board of Trustees approve several new CIP standards.
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NERC Seeks Comment on Changes to Mediation Procedures
NERC is seeking comments from industry stakeholders on its Rules of Procedure for the ERO’s Compliance and Certification Committee to conduct hearings and mediate disagreements between it and regional entities. 
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NERC Makes Case for Recertification in Performance Assessment
NERC highlighted its progress over the last five years in its draft performance assessment.
NERC Standards Teams Pushing to Meet FERC Deadlines
NERC's Standards Committee moved ahead on several projects that are the subject of FERC orders at its monthly Standards Committee meeting.
Industry Sends Back NERC Cyber Monitoring Standards
Industry stakeholders were not completely sold on NERC's latest proposed cybersecurity standard.

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