The New York Independent System Operator Inc., a not-for-profit regional transmission owner, is responsible for operating New York's bulk electrical grid, administering the state's wholesale electricity markets, maintaining grid stability, and ensuring the reliability and planning of the state's bulk energy system.
NYISO Proposes Changes to Special-case Resource Program
NYISO is proposing to increase the required duration of special-case resources' load curtailment from four hours to six following a survey showing stakeholder support as part of the ISO’s Engaging the Demand Side initiative.
NYISO Stakeholders Question Draft CEII Protection Requirements
The NYISO Transmission Planning Advisory Subcommittee criticized an ISO proposal to include CEII protection requirements.
Potomac Economics
NYISO Monitor: NYC Capacity Costs Rose 221% in Q1
New York City saw a 221% increase in capacity costs in the first quarter due to the retirement of 600 MW in peaker plants and the increase of more than 300 MW in the local installed capacity requirement.
Analysis Group
Stakeholders Battle over Battery as Proxy in NYISO Demand Curve Reset
NYISO stakeholders are divided over consultants’ proposal to use a two-hour battery as the peaking plant in the ISO’s capacity market demand curve, as part of its quadrennial demand curve reset for 2025-2029. 
NYISO Studying How to Update IRM Calculation to Account for Offshore Wind
The New York State Reliability Council’s mathematical model for calculating the state’s installed reserve margin every year will need to be updated as more offshore wind and major transmission lines come online, NYISO told stakeholders. 
DSD Renewables
Trade Group Wants NY to Press Distributed Solar
Small-scale solar has been a success story in New York state, which is on track to reach its 2025 goal of 6 GW of distributed solar a year early.
NYISO Reveals Bids in NYC Offshore Transmission Solicitation
NYISO received four bids in response to its Public Policy Transmission Need solicitation to deliver up to 8 GW of offshore wind power to New York City.
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Moody’s: ‘Scars Remain’ as New York’s Economy Recovers
The economic forecasts for both New York state and the U.S. are reasonably healthy, stakeholders learned at NYISO’s annual Spring Economic Conference. 
NYISO: Prepared for Heat Dome Scorching New York
NYISO said it is prepared to meet demand during an extreme kind of heat wave called a heat dome that is already spiking temperatures to near 100 degrees Fahrenheit in western New York.
NYISO Board/MC Briefs: June 11, 2024
Emily Chen, an analyst with FERC’s Office of Energy Market Regulation, gave a briefing on Orders 1920 and 1977 to members of the NYISO Management Committee during a joint meeting with the ISO’s Board of Directors. 

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