Agriculture & Land Use

Feds Cut Renewable Costs, Boost Fossil Costs on Public Land
The federal government has finalized rules that will decrease the cost of siting renewable energy generation on public land and increase the cost of leasing it for oil and gas development.
Department of Energy Draft Needs Study
States, RTOs Caution DOE on Transmission Corridors
States, RTOs and others warned DOE not to let transmission developers dominate the development of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.
J. Ranck Electric
Michigan County Approves Moratorium on Major Renewable Projects
Clinton County, Michigan, will impose a one-year moratorium on new, large-scale renewable energy projects to give it time to update its planning ordinance.
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Western States Agree on Plan to Sustain Colorado River Flows
Governors of California, Arizona and Nevada have agreed to a three-year water conservation plan aimed at protecting the drought-stricken Colorado River system.
The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
Renewable Natural Gas Seen as Pathway to Low-carbon Hydrogen
Using RNG as a feedstock offers hydrogen producers a shortcut to claiming the full federal tax credit created for hydrogen production, industry experts said.
Consumers Energy
Michigan Petition to Ban Solar Projects on Farms Withdrawn for Now
Petition organizers withdrew their proposal for a voter initiative to ban utility-scale solar on Michigan farmland, but they plan to resubmit.
Walter Siegmund, CC BY-2.5, via Wikimedia
Wash. Bill Would Provide Cap-and-Trade Relief to Farmers
Two state senators introduced a bill to provide farmers and haulers of agricultural products relief from costs arising from the state's cap-and-trade program.
Biden Admin Devoting Billions for ‘Climate-smart’ Agriculture
Agriculture contributed more than 11% of U.S. GHG emissions in 2020, and the Biden administration has allocated $20 billion in new funding to reduce emissions.
University of California, Berkeley
West Must Fight Wildfire with Fire, Forest Scientists Say
Forest experts speaking at a WIEB conference offered attendees a seemingly paradoxical message about how the West can best prevent catastrophic wildfires.
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NJ Bills Push Rooftop Solar, EV Chargers, Grid Upgrades
The New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee advanced a spate of climate change-related legislation.

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