The Midcontinent Independent System Operator is a regional transmission organization that plans transmission projects, administers wholesale markets for its membership and manages the flow of electricity in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin. 
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MARC 2024 Displays Mixed Feelings on Transition Feasibility
The 2024 Mid-America Regulatory Conference showcased a tug-of-war of positivity and cynicism over meeting growing demand with a fleet that should evolve faster to meet clean energy goals.
Xcel Energy
Xcel Wins FERC Waiver of MISO Interconnection Rules on Coal-to-Solar Plan
FERC authorized an exception to MISO’s interconnection rights transfer process, allowing two Xcel Energy subsidiaries to cooperate on a replacement of a coal-fired plant with a solar farm.
MTEP 24 up to $5.8B; Clean Energy Group Asks for Alternative to Pricey Entergy Reliability Project
MISO’s 2024 Transmission Expansion Plan increased slightly in cost to $5.8 billion while the Southern Renewable Energy Association requested MISO explore an alternative to an Entergy Texas reliability project.
National Grid Renewables
MISO: New Interconnection Queue Cycle to Wait on MW Cap Filing
MISO said new queue entries must wait while it takes another swing at imposing an annual megawatt cap on its interconnection queue.
FERC OKs MISO Settlement Rules for Widespread Tx Outages

FERC ruled that MISO can apply new settlement practices to generators physically disconnected from the grid during extensive transmission outages triggered by extreme events.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Appeals Court Overturns Wis. Ban on DR Aggregation in MISO
A court of appeals has toppled Wisconsin’s longstanding ban on aggregators of demand response participating in wholesale markets.
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MISO Pursuing More Dynamic Regulation Reserves
MISO said a riskier operating environment means it needs a more nuanced approach to its regulation reserve requirements.
Dairyland Power Cooperative
MISO to Cut Conductor-only Work from Competitive Bidding
MISO said after its experience with its first long-range transmission portfolio, it no longer wants to open simple, conductor-only projects to its competitive bidding process.
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MISO IMM Knocks LRTP Benefit Calculations; RTO Poised to Add More Projects
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor continues to cast doubt on the theoretical benefits estimates of the second long-range transmission projects as the RTO intends to add more projects to the already $17 billion to $23 billion portfolio.
Grid Strategies
Smaller Projects Expected from Maiden MISO-PJM Joint Tx Study
MISO told stakeholders not to expect sweeping, greenfield projects as a result of its new transfer capability study with PJM.

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