Jon Lamson
ISO New England Correspondent
Prior to joining RTO Insider, Jon worked as a freelance journalist covering climate and environmental issues across New England, writing for a variety of national and local outlets. He loves hiking and long guitar solos. His favorite tree is the eastern hemlock, as well the paper birch and also the sugar maple.

Recent Articles
Panelists Call for a More Holistic Approach to Advanced Transmission Tech in Mass.
Panelists at a forum convened by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Federal and Regional Energy Affairs said advanced transmission technologies will be essential to limiting transmission costs.
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NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: July 16, 2024
The NEPOOL Reliability Committee voted to support new data collection standards for distributed energy resources, and ISO-NE outlined potential changes to planning procedures and the affected system operator process.
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ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: July 17, 2024
Following the increase of the transfer limits of three internal interfaces in Maine, ISO-NE increased the capacity import capability of the New Brunswick-New England interface from 700 MW to 980 MW.
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The Rocky Road to Performance-based Regulation in Connecticut
The ongoing feud between Connecticut utilities and their regulators has spilled over into the state's efforts to implement performance-based regulation for its electric utilities.
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NEPOOL Markets Committee Restarts Work on Capacity Market Changes
ISO-NE presented the initial scope of its work to coordinate resource capacity accreditation improvements with proposed capacity market timing changes at the NEPOOL Markets Committee summer meeting.
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