California Air Resources Board (CARB)

CEC Reduces Calif. Electricity Forecast on Lower Population Growth
Slower anticipated growth in California’s population has prompted state regulators to downwardly revise the electricity demand forecast used for grid planning. 
Center for Sustainable Energy
California EV Rebate Program Expected to Run Empty Ahead of Plan
Price drops for Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y have made the EVs eligible again for a California rebate; now the incentive program is running out of money.
Portland General Electric
California Considers Zero-emission Appliance Rules
California's Air Resources Board took one of its first steps toward a potential statewide ban on sales of new gas-powered space and water heaters for buildings.
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
CARB Approves Clean Locomotives Regulation
The California Air Resources Board approved groundbreaking rules requiring passenger, freight and switcher locomotives to decarbonize in the next three decades.
CARB Adopts Clean Fleets Rule Despite Broad Skepticism
California regulators approved a rule that will ban the sale of diesel trucks in the state starting in 2036, requiring all new trucks sold to be zero-emission.
California Rolls Toward Zero-emission Locomotives
The California Air Resources Board plans to vote on a regulation requiring new switcher locomotives to be zero-emitting by 2030 and freight locomotives by 2035.
Environmental Defense Fund
Groundbreaking California Clean Truck Rules Win EPA Waiver
The EPA approved a waiver for California’s Advanced Clean Trucks regulation, clearing the way for the state to launch the zero-emission program.
EPA Poised to Approve California Clean Truck Rules, Report Says
Good news is reportedly on the way to the California Air Resources Board regarding federal approval for its Advanced Clean Trucks regulation.
CARB Examining Obstacles on Road to ZEV Fleet Adoption
As it moves to adopt a rule requiring truck fleets to transition to ZEVs, CARB considers situations where supporting infrastructure is unavailable.
California Governor's Office
New California Energy, Climate Laws Go Live
A half dozen new climate and energy laws took effect in California on Jan. 1.

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