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Order Expected on Complaint Against PJM over ELCC Resource Accreditation
FERC is expected to issue an order during its June open meeting on a complaint alleging PJM violated its Reliability Assurance Agreement when accrediting intermittent resources.
Talen Energy
FERC Orders Settlement Judge Procedures in Two PJM Generator Deactivations
FERC has established settlement judge procedures to consider the validity of rate schedules filed by Talen Energy to continue operating its Brandon Shores and H.A. Wagner generators past their retirement date.
ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: June 17-18, 2024
ERCOT’s Board of Directors has passed one contentious protocol change and tabled another that have divided stakeholders and staff and led the IMM to argue against the heavy use of ECRS.
OMS-MISO RA Survey: Potential 14-GW Capacity Deficit by Summer 2029
A relatively low turnout of constructed capacity in recent years could deepen a potential 1-GW capacity deficit in summer 2025 to more than 14 GW by summer 2029, MISO and OMS revealed in a five-year projection.
Aurora Energy Research
Report Shows Wide Range of Data Center Demand Scenarios for Virginia
Growing demand from Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley could outpace the power industry’s ability to keep up, according to a new report by Aurora Energy Research.
EIA: Dispatch of Coal Generation Falls in PJM
Analysis from EIA finds the average runtime for PJM coal-fired generators has declined sharply over the past decade because of increasing fuel and start-up costs.
public domain
Counterflow: Fusion is Getting Increasing Attention
Renewable resources generally are not dispatchable. Fusion is getting increasing attention as a possible salvation.
Fagen, Inc.
FERC Issues Show-cause Order on TO Self-funding in 4 RTOs

The proceedings will look into the practice by MISO, PJM, SPP and ISO-NE of allowing transmission owners to self-fund network upgrades needed to bring generation online, saying the practice may amount to favoring TOs over interconnection customers.

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
DC Circuit Upholds NYISO 17-year Amortization Rule
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld FERC’s approval of a key NYISO capacity market price determinant that the state utility regulator says could raise costs by hundreds of millions of dollars per year. 
UniSource Energy
Critics Call out Ariz. Commission for ‘Troubling’ Precedent
Arizona regulators are under fire for decisions on the expansion of a UNS gas-fired plant and third-party IRP audits.

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