April 24, 2024

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Energy Department Offers $6 Billion for Industrial Decarbonization
The U.S. Department of Energy announced $6 billion in funding for 33 projects that are meant to help decarbonize difficult-to-abate, energy-intensive industries. 
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Searching for Paradigm Shifts in Distribution Planning and Financing
As utilities and regulators face unprecedented growth in power demand, figuring out how to plan and finance distribution systems has become a fast-moving target, according to speakers at the GridWise Alliance gridCONNEXT conference.
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Researchers Explore Economics, Efficacy of Hydrogen Blending
The use of hydrogen, both for transportation fuel and blended into natural gas, is a hot topic among engineers and power producers.
Controlled Thermal Resources
Climate Resilience Takes Center Stage at NARUC

California PUC President Alice Reynolds set the tone for the theme of climate resilience at the group's annual meeting with a story about the history of the Salton Sea.

EPRI: Changing Loads Raise Concerns for Modelers
Parag Mitra of EPRI warned that the growth of data centers and cryptocurrency mining has created new risks for system modelers.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Load Flexibility Could Hold Key to California Grid Constraints
Load flexibility is the fastest and cheapest way to prepare for rising electricity demand, panel participants at a CEC-EPRI conference said.
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Focused Strategies Needed to Electrify ‘Frontline’ Communities
To decarbonize homes in low-income communities, agencies need to remove administrative barriers, consider all types of housing and prepare for a hotter world, experts said.
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Manufacturers Commit to Helping California Reach 2030 Heat Pump Goal
Nine of the world's largest makers of building heating and cooling equipment have signed on to support California's goal of having 6 million new electric heat pumps by 2030.
ISO-NE Sees Little Shortfall Risk for 2032
ISO-NE anticipates little risk of energy shortfall in the summer of 2032.
Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power to Expand Mobile Battery Fleet
Green Mountain Power and a Vermont manufacturer received a federal grant to expand the state's mobile battery fleet.

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