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FERC Upholds MISO Ban on Renewables Supplying Ancillary Services
FERC has reaffirmed that MISO can exclude renewable resources from providing ancillary services in its markets.
NextEra Energy
Groups Seek Hybrid Exemption from MISO Ban on Renewables Supplying Ramping
Clean energy groups in MISO have told FERC it should rethink its support of a ban on renewable energy in MISO’s ancillary service market because the commission didn’t consider hybrid resources.
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FERC: MISO Can Ban Intermittent Resources from Providing Ramp
MISO has FERC’s go-ahead to bar its renewable energy resources from supplying ramping reserves.
Madison Gas and Electric
MISO Defends Renewable Ramping Stance to FERC
In a June 5 response to FERC, MISO defended its plan to bar renewable energy from supplying ramping reserves.
NextEra Energy
FERC Questions MISO Plan to Drop Renewables’ Ramp Eligibility
FERC last week told MISO it must provide more details around its plan to exclude wind and solar generation from supplying ramping service.

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