April 24, 2024

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

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MISO’s Sloped Demand Curve Plan Draws 2nd Deficiency Letter
FERC once again said it needs more information on clearing price caps before MISO can proceed with sloped demand curves in its capacity auctions.
FERC Observers, Stakeholders Lay out What is at Stake with Tx Rule Looming
FERC is set to vote on its long-awaited proposed rule on transmission planning and cost allocation for regional lines at a special open meeting May 13.
FERC Conditionally Accepts OG&E Rate Filing
FERC conditionally accepted Oklahoma Gas and Electric’s proposed formula rate template revisions, as requested, but directed the company to submit a compliance filing within 30 days.
FERC OKs Pipeline Expansion Despite West Coast States’ Opposition
FERC rejected rehearing requests on the expansion of the Gas Transmission Northwest pipeline’s capacity into the Northwest over three states’ objections and Commissioner Allison Clements’ dissent. 
FERC Approves NYISO’s 10-kW Minimum for DERs in Aggregations
FERC approved NYISO’s proposed tariff revisions that set rules for distributed energy resources seeking to participate in its markets, including a 10-kW minimum for individual resources to be included in an aggregation.
General Electric
FERC Approves Decrease in ISO-NE FRM Offer Cap
FERC approved a proposal by ISO-NE to reduce its Forward Reserve Market offer cap and delay the publication of offer data from four months to a year after each auction.
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NY Energy Officials Optimistic About Transition Despite Slow Progress
Transmission development and siting reform were a central theme at the 2024 New York Energy Summit.
Still More Work for ISO-NE on Order 2222 Compliance
FERC accepted an Order 2222 compliance filing by ISO-NE while requiring the RTO to make an additional filing to detail deadlines for distributed energy resource aggregators to submit metering data.
FERC Approves Cost Allocation for $5 Billion in PJM Transmission Expansion
FERC approved PJM’s cost allocation for a $5 billion in transmission upgrades aimed at resolving reliability violations posed by growing data center load in Northern Virginia and retirements in Maryland.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
IRA Driving New Clean Energy as Interconnection Queue Backlogs Persist
Interconnection requests across the U.S. shot up by 30% in 2023, with close to 2,600 GW of solar, wind and storage waiting to land a spot on the grid

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