internal network security monitoring (INSM)

Industry Approves NERC’s Cyber Monitoring Standards
NERC's proposed internal network security monitoring standard is on track for submission to FERC after an as yet unscheduled final ballot.
NERC Tries Again with Revised INSM Standard
NERC is taking comments through April 17 on the latest revision to its proposed internal network security monitoring standard.
NERC Standards Teams Pushing to Meet FERC Deadlines
NERC's Standards Committee moved ahead on several projects that are the subject of FERC orders at its monthly Standards Committee meeting.
Industry Sends Back NERC Cyber Monitoring Standards
Industry stakeholders were not completely sold on NERC's latest proposed cybersecurity standard.
NERC Committee Greenlights Shortened INSM Comments
NERC’s Standards Committee remains focused on meeting FERC’s deadlines, granting another waiver to authorize shortening the comment and ballot periods for the ERO’s proposed standard on internal network security monitoring. 
NERC Recommends Phased Approach to INSM
In a new report, NERC recommended against expanding requirements for internal network security monitoring too quickly.
NERC Issues Cybersecurity Data Request
Registered entities must report to NERC on the cyber assets present on their systems and the potential impact of adding security monitoring software.
NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: May 10-11, 2023
NERC's Board of Trustees on Thursday approved the organization’s first-ever Level 3 alert at its quarterly meeting.
NPCC Regional Standards Committee Briefs: May 11, 2022
The Northeast Power Coordinating Council’s Regional Standards Committee approved a guidance document on integrating DERs on the bulk power system.
FERC Proposes New Cybersecurity Standard
In light of recent cyberattacks, FERC is calling for new standards that would require entities to monitor their internal computer networks for intrusions.

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