interregional transmission planning

Northern Indiana Public Service Co.
MISO, PJM Agree to Perform New Type of Joint Transmission Study
MISO and PJM announced they will embark on a new joint transmission study in the latter half of this year that concentrates on upping their interregional transfer capability.
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New Initiative Focuses on Interregional Tx Coordination in the Northeast

An early stage collaboration is intended to bring together communities, tribes, nonprofits, companies, RTOs and government officials from the northeastern U.S. and Canada to increase coordination around interregional transmission.

FERC Observers, Stakeholders Lay out What is at Stake with Tx Rule Looming
FERC is set to vote on its long-awaited proposed rule on transmission planning and cost allocation for regional lines at a special open meeting May 13.
Counterflow: Offshore Wind Backbone Transmission
DOE released a study of offshore wind transmission. In no way does this study establish, or even claim, that offshore wind makes economic sense, according to Steve Huntoon.
Indiana Michigan Power
MISO, PJM Stakeholders Call for Interregional Transmission Overhaul
MISO and PJM are deliberating whether to embark on an interregional transmission study this year as they field more calls from stakeholders to revamp their joint planning framework.
NREL Looks at Zonal Approach to Renewable Energy
A new analysis concludes that building long-distance high-voltage transmission would save money and speed up decarbonization of the U.S power grid.
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Overheard at Infocast’s 2024 ERCOT Market Summit
Infocast's annual ERCOT Market Summit fell during the third anniversary of the devastating February 2021 winter storm, giving speakers plenty of fodder for discussion.
Enviros, Consumer Advocates Join Regulators Urging PJM-MISO Interregional Planning
A bevy of consumer, clean energy and environmental advocates have joined state regulators in appealing to MISO and PJM to undertake more comprehensive interregional transmission planning.
ISO/RTO Council
OMS, OPSI Urge MISO, PJM to Invigorate Interregional Planning
The state regulatory organizations for both MISO and PJM have sent a letter to the RTOs asking them to redouble efforts around interregional transmission planning.
Michels Corporation
DOE Lays out Plans for Designating Transmission Corridors
DOE laid out its plans to release draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors this spring, which will then start a process of refinement before they are finalized over several years.

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