Multi-Value Projects (MVP)

FERC Observers, Stakeholders Lay out What is at Stake with Tx Rule Looming
FERC is set to vote on its long-awaited proposed rule on transmission planning and cost allocation for regional lines at a special open meeting May 13.
MISO Dusts off MVP Cost Allocation for Long-range Tx Plan
MISO revealed that it will use the cost allocation devised for 2011's Multi-Value Project portfolio for its long-term transmission plan.
Wisconsin PSC
Former Wisconsin Commissioner’s Texts Imperil Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line
Former Wisconsin Commissioner Mike Huebsch has tainted the permitting process of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line by contacting ATC and ITC employees through an encrypted messaging app during the permitting process.
Counterflow: Big Transmission — Still Not the Right Stuff
Columnist Steve Huntoon discusses the pitfalls of "Big Transmission" and suggests incremental expansions using existing transmission rights of way.
MISO Execs Defend Need for Long-range Tx
MISO executives issued dire warnings about the possible fallout if the grid operator doesn’t pursue big ticket transmission projects in its footprint.
MISO Prepares Members for Pricey Transmission Expansion
MISO executives last week said an evolving energy industry heralds big spending on transmission projects in the RTO’s footprint.
OSW Advocates Look to CREZ, Tehachapi Examples
Can single-state transmission projects like California's Tehachapi and Texas’ CREZ serve as models for offshore wind on the East Coast?
Pioneer Tx OK’d to Recover $10M in Development Costs
Pioneer Transmission can recover about $10 million in precommercial operation costs used to develop the Greentown-to-Reynolds line in Indiana, FERC decided.
Renewables Group Calls for MISO West Tx Construction
MISO renewable proponents want to revamp a transmission planning process they say inhibits the development of generation in the western region.
OMS Head Makes One Last Call for Long-term Tx Plan
The outgoing president of the Organization of MISO States used his final address to once again press the RTO to develop a long-term transmission plan.

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