Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

RMI Unveils Initiative to Lower Carbon Footprint of Homes
HomebuildersCAN, a new network to accelerate decarbonization of the residential construction sector, will encourage homebuilders to reduce embodied carbon in homes and improve reporting of indirect emissions.
New Buildings May be The Next Climate Solution

The building sector has the potential to move from being a massive emissions source to a carbon sink, a new report said.

Electric Power Research Institute
How Much Energy It Will Take to Electrify Trucking
Achieving net zero emissions from transportation by 2050 will require an additional 1,800 terawatt-hours per year, the Electric Power Research Institute said.
Grid Strategies
Minimum Transfer Capability Between Regions Debated at FERC
Parties filing comments with FERC on expanding interregional transfer capability mostly supported the concept, though opinions were split on how to get there.
Niskanen Center
Stakeholder Soapbox: Transmission Keeps the Lights On
FERC must act to strengthen interregional transmission ties to improve reliability, says former Arkansas PSC Chair Ted Thomas.
New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable
Experts Call for More Granular Clean Energy Procurement
Experts extolled the virtues of more granular clean energy purchasing at Raab Associates’ New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable.
Stanford Webinar Explores Fate of Junked Gas Appliances
As policy makers push building electrification, environmental researchers are considering where gas appliances will end up after being discarded.
Electric Truck Efficiency Depends on the Driver
The importance of training electric truck drivers accustomed to diesel systems was a focus of the last webinar hosted by NACFE and RMI.
Run On Less, Penske
US Way Behind China in Deploying Heavy-duty EVs
While the U.S. debates funding battery electric buses and trucks, they are already running commercially in cities around the globe, particularly in China.
EPRI Panelists Stress the Need for Speed in Vehicle Electrification
Speakers at one of the opening sessions of EPRI's four-day Frontiers of e-Mobility virtual forum said the U.S. is behind on its electric vehicle goals.

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