U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)

Portland General Electric
EPA Antes up Nearly $1B to Replace Diesel Heavy-duty Vehicles
EPA announced nearly $1 billion in grants from the Inflation Reduction Act to help cities, states, territories and school districts trade in their diesel-burning heavy-duty trucks and buses for new zero-emission vehicles 
Joint Office of Energy and Transportation
Feds Announce National Strategy for Zero-emission Freight
A newly published strategy aims to speed up the development of a national network of electric charging and hydrogen filling facilities for freight trucks.
DOT to Fund EV Chargers in Remote, Disadvantaged Communities

The funding will put a total 7,500 EV chargers at locations, from multifamily housing developments in New Jersey and Maryland, to public libraries in California to remote villages like Haines, Alaska.

US, Canadian Officials Announce EV Corridor from Michigan to Quebec
A 900-mile EV corridor going from Michigan to Quebec will have charging stations every 50 miles and benefit from U.S.-Canadian cooperation.
DOT Opens New Round of IIJA Funding for EV Chargers
The U.S. Department of Transportation announced a new round of funding aimed at putting EV chargers “particularly in underserved and disadvantaged communities.”
Feds Announce Grant Standards for EV Chargers
The FHWA announced key details of its effort to create a national EV charging network, including minimum standards and a plan for domestic content requirements.
Summit Examines Costs, Scope of US EV Charging Network
During a webinar produced by the EV Charging Initiative, stakeholders focused on the challenges and costs of electrifying the nation’s transportation sector.
Biden Admin Releases Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization
The Biden administration released a national plan to eliminate carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions from the nation’s transportation sector by 2050.
Lion Electric
Infrastructure Law’s 2022 Funds to Double US Clean Bus Fleet
DOT announced $1.66 billion in infrastructure bill grants to nearly double the number of non-emission buses on the nation’s roads with just one year of funding.
Maryland Dept. of Transportation
States File Plans on Deadline for Federal EV Charging Funds
Every state met the deadline to file their NEVI plans with the FHWA, but many will fall short of meeting the guidelines that the program requires.

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