How We Became Your Eyes and Ears

In 2013, our Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher Rich Heidorn Jr. recognized an information void desperately needed to be filled in the organized electric markets. While FERC policymaking was being reported on, it was only making the news after the policy was put into effect. What wasn’t being reported on were the RTO/ISO stakeholder meetings where policies were being proposed and refined.After decades as a journalist and eight years as a FERC analyst, Rich began bringing these critical formative moments in energy market policy-making to those with a financial interest in the wholesale energy markets. Thus, RTO Insider was created with Co-Publisher Merry Eisner.

Since its start covering the PJM Interconnection, the goal has always been to provide readers with in-depth, unbiased coverage of stakeholder discussions. We expanded our coverage to the other six RTOs/ISOs in the U.S. between 2014 and 2016. In 2019 we added coverage of NERC and the Regional Entities with the introduction of ERO Insider. And most recently in 2021, we launched NetZero Insider, providing coverage of federal, state and local climate policy.

Our team’s growth from two people to over two dozen is allowing us to continue to truly be “in the room” at meetings critical to coverage for each of our publications. However, no matter how large we become, we promise our Insiders that we’ll always be your “eyes and ears” on policy and decision making within the electricity industry and climate policy.

Rich Heidorn Jr.
Editor-in-Chief & Co-Publisher
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Publisher
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New York/New England Bureau Chief
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Copy Editor / Production Editor
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CAISO / West Correspondent
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D.C. Correspondent
Tom Kleckner
ERCOT / SPP Correspondent
Sam Mintz
ISO-NE Correspondent
Amanda Durish Cook
MISO Correspondent
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PJM Correspondent
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