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Talen Energy Deal with Data Center Leads to Cost Shifting Debate at FERC
Talen Energy’s deal to carve out capacity from its Susquehanna Nuclear Plant to serve a growing data center on its site drew protests at FERC from other parties who argued the deal and others like it could shift costs and threaten reliability. 
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NYISO Monitor: NYC Capacity Costs Rose 221% in Q1
New York City saw a 221% increase in capacity costs in the first quarter due to the retirement of 600 MW in peaker plants and the increase of more than 300 MW in the local installed capacity requirement.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Restarts Work on Capacity Market Changes
ISO-NE presented the initial scope of its work to coordinate resource capacity accreditation improvements with proposed capacity market timing changes at the NEPOOL Markets Committee summer meeting.
FERC Approves LS Power Gas Plant Purchase Despite PJM Monitor’s Concerns
FERC approved LS Power’s purchase of an 810-MW natural gas plant in central Pennsylvania despite some qualms from PJM’s Independent Market Monitor. 
Dominion Energy
FERC Allows Dominion’s FRR Resources to Shift to PJM Capacity Market
FERC granted a complaint from Dominion Energy to allow planned capacity resources to shift their participation from the Fixed Resource Requirement alternative to the Reliability Pricing Model capacity market.
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Stakeholders Battle over Battery as Proxy in NYISO Demand Curve Reset
NYISO stakeholders are divided over consultants’ proposal to use a two-hour battery as the peaking plant in the ISO’s capacity market demand curve, as part of its quadrennial demand curve reset for 2025-2029. 
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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: June 27, 2024
PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee endorsed a proposal to align the day-ahead energy market commitment cycle with the daily gas nomination deadlines.
PJM Consumer Advocates File Complaint on EE Market Design
Three state consumer advocates filed a complaint against PJM with FERC, alleging the RTO’s treatment of energy efficiency resources is unduly discriminatory and is not properly documented in its governing documents. 
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NEPOOL Holds Summer PC Meeting amid New England Heat Wave, Climate Protests
NEPOOL held its annual summer Participants Committee meeting in New Hampshire during a multiday stretch of extreme heat and high demand on the New England grid.
FERC Approves Sloped Demand Curve in MISO Capacity Market
After two requests for more information and nine months, FERC has greenlit MISO’s plan to exchange its current, vertical curve for sloped demand curves in its seasonal capacity auctions.

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