April 24, 2024

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

The Future of Natural Gas with Growing Demand and Climate Targets
A DOE report on resource adequacy says firms investing in natural gas capacity could be retrofitted with carbon capture and storage, or the ability to burn clean hydrogen.
West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Western RTO Group Floats Independence Plan for EDAM, WEIM
Backers of an initiative to create an independent Western RTO that builds on CAISO’s markets have floated a plan to untangle the snag that’s hung up past efforts to “regionalize” the ISO: a lack of independent governance.
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
SPP’s Proposed Capacity Accreditation Methods Draw Protests at FERC
SPP’s effort to impose capacity accreditation methodologies for thermal and renewable resources has drawn protests from public-interest and clean-energy groups at FERC.
EPA to Strengthen Emissions Regs for Gas Power Plants
The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying new emissions restrictions for existing natural gas-fired power plants. 
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MISO, SPP to Conduct Interregional Study in 2024
MISO and SPP agreed to conduct another coordinated system plan study along their seam this year, although five previous studies have failed to produce a single interregional joint project.
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DC Circuit Hears Arguments on FERC LNG Plant Approval
The D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments on FERC’s approval of the Commonwealth LNG facility in Cameron, La.
NOAA Fisheries/Calvin Alexander
Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Overturning Chevron
The Supreme Court heard more than three hours of oral arguments in a case that conservatives hope will reduce the authority of federal regulatory agencies.
DTE Energy
EPA, FERC Hear from Stakeholders on Reliability
Both EPA and FERC received comments on how reliability can be maintained under the former’s power plant rule that requires fossil fuel-fired units to curtail their emissions.
California Needs Policies to Reduce New Construction Carbon Footprint

California needs both building-focused and material-focused approaches to driving down the embodied carbon in new construction if it is to reach its net zero goals, according to a new study.

Federal Budgets, Procurements to Include Social Cost of GHGs

President Joe Biden has directed all federal agencies to incorporate the social cost of greenhouse gases into a range of key processes.

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