Grain Belt Express

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
Senate Energy Committee Advances Biden’s FERC Nominees
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee advanced all three of President Joe Biden’s nominees to FERC with broad margins in a business meeting.
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Members Call for More Tx Expansion Following MISO’s $20B LRTP Blueprint
MISO’s conceptual, $20 billion, 765-kV transmission suggestion took top billing at Board Week, with some members asserting MISO has even more transmission to plan if it wants to meet the future confidently.
MISO Outlines Benefits of New LRTP Investments

MISO discussed the second part of its long-range transmission planning project at a workshop with stakeholders, detailing how the project would help meet transmission needs.

Grain Belt Express Gets Partial Approval for Negotiated Rate Authority from FERC
After a fresh FERC review, Invenergy has walked away with half of the authorizations necessary to charge negotiated rates for transmission service on its $7 billion, 5-GW Grain Belt Express transmission project.
Grain Belt Express
FERC OKs Grain Belt Express Connection Agreement with MISO; Invenergy Displeased with 2030 Target
FERC OK'd a MISO transmission connection agreement for the $7 billion, 5-GW Grain Belt Express transmission line despite protests from developer Invenergy.
Grain Belt Express Asks FERC to Overrule MISO on In-service Date
Invenergy asked FERC to order MISO to allow it to energize part of its Grain Belt Express project in 2028 despite delays in upgrades in Ameren’s territory.
Invenergy Transmission
Grain Belt Express HVDC Line Clears Final State Approval
Invenergy Transmission’s $7 billion, 800-mile Grain Belt Express HVDC line has secured the last of its state approvals with Missouri agreeing to the line’s expanded design.
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Community Engagement Key to Moving Transmission Projects Ahead

Transmission developers discussed the obstacles to getting their projects permitted and built, but also focused on successes, with a strong focus on community and stakeholder engagement.

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Can New Revenue Models Unlock Interregional Transmission?
New ways of paying for transmission could increase interregional transfer capacity and improve reliability, speakers told the EBA’s Mid-Year Energy Forum.
Invenergy Announces Grain Belt Express Expansion
Invenergy announced that it will supplement the HVDC Grain Belt Express transmission line to deliver 25% more power than originally planned.

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