Northeast Energy and Commerce Association (NECA)

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State Regulators Discuss Affordability, Utility Incentives at NEECE
Top utility commissioners from four New England states emphasized the need for regulatory innovation to preserve affordability amid the clean energy transition at the New England Energy Conference and Exposition.
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NECA Renewables Conference Highlights Transmission Challenges
Transmission limits remain a major barrier to scaling up wind and solar energy to meet state decarbonization goals, speakers at the NECA’s Renewable Energy Conference said.
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NECA Conference Focuses on Changes to ISO-NE Capacity Market
Potential changes to ISO-NE's capacity market include updates to its resource capacity accreditation (RCA) methodology, along with prompt and seasonal capacity market formats.
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Northeast Stakeholders Discuss The Future of Alternative Fuels
The uncertain future of the region’s gas network loomed large over the course of the conference.
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New England Stakeholders Discuss Clean Energy Market Mechanisms
New England energy industry leaders met at the 29th annual New England Energy Conference and Exposition to discuss regionwide clean energy market mechanisms.
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Overheard at the 2023 NECA Renewable Energy Conference
Maria Robinson, director of DOE’s Grid Deployment Office, gave an update on the work her team has been doing to allocate a great deal of funding from the IIJA.
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NECA Panelists Talk Capacity Market, DERs
A panel of energy experts took ISO-NE’s capacity market to task, lambasting the region’s Forward Capacity Market and offering ideas about how to improve it.
New England’s Gas Industry Frets About Cracks in Electric Side
Gas industry representatives proposed market fixes and upgrading pipeline infrastructure as potential solutions to New England's winter fuel supply concerns.
Could Hydrogen Supplant Natural Gas in Power Generation?
The Northeast U.S. could meet its winter peak power needs with LNG rather than relying on oil or coal plants, argues a Houston-based entrepreneur.
Cumulative Impacts Analysis a Top Regulatory Priority for CLF, Rep Says
NECA invited energy experts to share stakeholders’ and developers’ perspectives on the challenges of achieving climate targets and building infrastructure.

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